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Tile up for your Bathroom with bathroom flooring Kansas City!

There are many flooring types options to choose from for your bathroom, and tiles are the most common material used by homeowners. Despite being usual in the market, there are a lot of variations. And to help you be enlightened with tiles, our Bathroom Flooring Kansas City experts will explain the pros and cons of tiles for your bathroom flooring.

Floor tiles are supple flooring materials because they work well on any floor surface. This element is often used in heavy traffic flow areas, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. Tile floorings are optimal for areas that often get wet, like the bathroom. Tile for bathroom flooring has many admirable qualities, but these advantages also come with downsides. Having a proper awareness of how floor tiles work in your bathroom flooring dramatically contributes to your bathroom renewal kansas city or construction project's success.

Bathroom Remodeling Kansas City MO

Advantages of Bathroom Flooring

  1. It is easy to preserve - The good thing about tile for bathroom is that it does not suck up stains or dirt, so cleaning it is very easy. We are using floor tiles in areas that frequently get wet, like the bathroom, it is advisable to use glossy or glass coated tiles. Mopping it with a damp rug is already sufficient to clean it. You do not need to use tough cleaning chemicals to remove stains or discolorations as floor tiles are stain-resistant.
  2. It is durable - With the right care and maintenance, floor tiles can last up to 20 years. It is made to endure heavy foot traffic; unlike other bathroom floor top, they get broken or cracked upon slight collision with sharp or fallen objects. Another beautiful feature of tiles is that you only restore or reinstall damaged tiles. You do not necessarily need to take away everything.
  3. It is water, chemical, and temperature resistant - Tile floors do not wear down when stripped to cleaning chemicals nor degenerate when exposed to extreme weather. You do not need to regularly use chemicals to clean it because it is easy to clean. Also, tiles match with any weather, so it is quite flexible.
  4. It is economical - With the popularity of floor tiles, you can find these in different styles, colors, patterns, and sizes at very low prices. You can buy a square foot tile for around $5 to $10, but the price adds up the quality becomes better.
Bathroom Remodeling Kansas City MO

Disadvantages of Bathroom Flooring

  1. It is cold - Floor tiles can get cold during cold seasons as it does not absorb heat well. It might get a little uncomfortable to your feet. However, floor tiles are ideal in times when the temperature goes high. It helps to keep the surface cool.
  2. It is slippy and hard - Floor tiles are hard, so it can be an inconvenience when fragile objects are dropped on the floor. It might also feel a little uncomfortable when you stand on it for a long time—putting a floor mat or rugs on the area where you often use it can help make your feet comfortable, like in the kitchen sink or behind the countertops. Since tiles are glazed or coated, they can be slippery when wet. So make sure to wipe your floor tiles right away when it gets wet.
  3. It is weighty - Tile installation on the higher parts of a building or a house requires essential care. Tiles are heavy to carry, so experts installers must do the installation jobs.

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